Hickory Junction

A place for the American Remnant …

– About Hickory Junction –

Hickory wood is a very hard, durable and shock-resistant wood with an honored and storied past.

While there are woods that are stronger than hickory, and woods that are harder, it is the combination of strength, toughness, hardness, and resilience found in hickory wood that makes it a reliable and preferred choice for the toughest and most demanding jobs.

This defines the American spirit.

A junction is a place where two or more things join or come together.

Hickory Junction.  It feels like home.  A place you can return to, a place that feels like you never left – no matter how long you’ve been gone, or where your travels have taken you.

Old friends and new.  Folks you can depend on.  That’s Hickory Junction.  Real. Solid. Honest.

Wherever you come from – wherever you are going – stop and stay awhile.  And come again soon.


(Image by Patty Hancock)